Days/Hours of Operation:

Child care is available Monday through Friday 6:30am – 6:30pm

Please understand that the contracted drop-off time is important because we plan our day around the collective time frame of each child as well as each other phase of our morning routine – please call us if you know that you will be more than 15 minutes late.
Our contracted pick-up time is equally important; there are several things to do before the children leave – snack time, calm down time, clean up (personal as well as day care room), shoes on etc.

Late Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

Please call us if you will be late dropping your child off. It is very important to me and the other children to know our schedule (breakfast, etc.) and when we can move along from one activity to another.

I’m sure you agree, personal time is precious; accordingly, it becomes extremely difficult and stressful to have an appointment or other plans scheduled if I cannot depend on the mutually agreed pick-up time. We do understand that there may be an occasion of major traffic congestion or bad weather conditions causing a delay in your travel – if you have a cellular phone, please call me and perhaps we can work out a contingency plan. A $5.00 late fee for each additional 10 minutes past our agreed pick up time will be payable upon arrival.

Gross Misconduct:

We will communicate to you immediately if your child is frequently and deliberately causing harm to others and/or is frequently and deliberately destructive. This behavior is unsafe and will not be allowed – immediate termination will ensue if the behavior persists.

No shoes policy

When children and staff arrive they are required to remove their shoes. There will be appropriate socks given to each child daily if they do not have socks on maybe due to wearing sandals in the summer etc… Our shoes track germs from outside on the ground daily. We do not wish to invite those germs into our facility. Children crawl and play on the same floors which we walk on, while we all know how children like to put their hands in their mouths. Of course we implement daily hand washing however this is a way to eliminate some of the germs that children come in contact with daily.

Release of Children:

It is important that we protect your child by ensuring that your child does not leave the center with a person you have not authorized on your “Child Information Card” to pick up your child. Also please tell us when someone else that you have authorized on you “Child Information Card” will be picking up your child. Even if it is an emergency, we must have your permission to release your child to someone other than you. We will need the person’s name and a description of what he or she looks like. The person picking up your child will have to show us a picture ID before we will release your child from our care.

We have to assume that both parents have the right to pick up your child, unless you give me a copy of a court order stating otherwise. We will need to discuss how we should handle the non-custodial parent who arrives to pick up your child if their name is not listed on the enrollment form as one who is able to pick up your child or children. If we have a court order and a non custodial parent tries to pick up the child, we will immediately call the custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent leaves with the child, we will immediately call the police and report the situation. We will not place the other children at risk in a confrontation with the non-custodial parent.

It is very important to us that your child arrives home safely. Therefore, if the person who arrives to pick up your child appears intoxicated or otherwise incapable of bringing your child home safely, we will call the parent or emergency contact person listed on the “Child Information Card” to request their assistance. If the situation occurs a second time, it will be grounds for terminating my care of your child.

All children should be transported to and from child care in a car seat or child restraint if under 6 years old or 60 pounds. For further clarification, refer to the Pennsylvania Law regarding children and seat belts and abide by that law for your child’s safety. We will not release your child if the person picking up your child does not have a car seat and your child falls into the car seat requirement age bracket.


Parent/guardian will provide diapers, diaper wipes (if you wish to use a certain brand), powder, any ointment (i.e. Desitin etc.), and baby bottles. To eliminate the daily bundle of items to carry, you may bring me a package of each item to leave at daycare. We will notify you if items are running low. All items will be marked with the child’s name.

Parent/guardian will provide a change of clothes on a daily basis or keep a change of clothes at day care until needed – replacing as needed. An infant may require more than one change of clothing daily; please provide a few changes of clothing based on your own experiences with your infant.

We will supply diapers wipes, sleeping mats, portable cribs/playpens. If your child has a favorite sleeping blanket or stuffed toy, he/she may bring them to sleep with. No toys are allowed in the crib/ playpen when children are sleeping. If child is older and naps on a cot he/ she will be allowed to sleep with their favorite toy if desired.


Parent/Guardian will give two weeks written notice, and two weeks full payment to terminate your child’s enrollment in child care regardless as to whether your child is present. If two weeks’ notice is not given, you are still financially obligated for the two weeks of child care fees and late payments; two weeks full payment still applies when notice is given in conjunction with provider’s vacation.